Maps of 1993 and 2004 Distributions of
Pygmy Hippos (Hexaprotodon liberiensis

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Map of 1993 distribution of pygmy hippos (Hexaprotodon liberiensis) based on IUCN Action Plan, Pigs, Peccaries and Hippos*

1993 Pygmy Hippo Map

* Pigs, Peccaries and Hippos. Status Survey and Conservation Action Plan. 1993. Edited by William L.R. Oliver.

Map of 2003 distribution of pygmy hippos 

Putative hippo populations are shown in pink and are based on existing forest habitat** 

Pygmy Hippo Map

** Map produced by P. Robinson

For more details, visit our country-by-country assessment 

For more information on pygmy hippos, read: River Horses and Water Cows - Dr. Phillip T. Robinson's insightful look into everything you ever wanted to know about pygmy hippos