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You can help promote and support hippo conservation!

Educate your community on hippos and hippo conservation Information packets to promote awareness of the status of hippos species can be obtained from our website manager:
Glenn Feldhake at IUCNHippos@zoominternet.net. Versions for school or conservation groups are available.
Hippo & Oxpecker

Pygmy Hippo Gape Become a volunteer at a local zoo Does your local zoological park need a hippo-knowledgeable docent?

Find out if a facility near you has pygmy or common hippos, check out the ISIS home page.

Support hippo research To find out more about supporting hippo research, contact the International Hippo Foundation, a non-profit group that funds much-needed hippo research.

Visit the: International Hippo Foundation website

If you have any questions about how you can help hippos, contact IUCNHippos@zoominternet.net