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In the summer of 1999, the government of Ghana announced the development its third hydroelectric dam.  The development of this dam could have devestating effects on the populations of hippos living in the Bui National Park. Daniel Bennett, University of Aberdeen, is leading a team in Bui to perform a critical count of hippos. It is thought Bui is home to Ghana's largest hippo population, potentially 250 individuals. Dr. Bennett's team hopes to make recommendations to minimize negative impacts of the hydroelectric plant and subsequent dam.

UPDATE: In the spring of 2001, Dr. Bennett arrived in Ghana to perform his environmental impact assessment (EIA) only to find the permission to perform research that he had received from the government was withdrawn on the grounds that the area was "politically sensitive" and his presence there was not in the national interest.

The government of Ghana decided to hire a commercial company from Canada to perform the EIA rather than having any independent scientists perform studies.  Hippos are quite rare in Ghana and no researchers have visited this area of Ghana since Dr. Bennett last visited the park in 1997.

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For more information regarding this program, please contact the Chair of the IUCN Hippo Specialty Group, Dr. Becca Lewison